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UDE leads global integrated connector module manufacturing

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 12:00pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 12:00pm

The RJ45, the port in computing and networking devices for internet and local area network connections, has come a long way since this type of modular technology was developed. UDE, the world's largest supplier of RJ45 integrated receptacles and other integrated connector modules (ICMs), offers more than discrete connection solutions to the computing and networking industries.

Built for speedy but steady transmission, UDE's RJ45 receptacles accommodate eight to 12 tiny doughnut-shaped coils that filter out electronic compatibility noise and custom circuits to protect devices from power surges. UDE's long-term commitment to data transmission speed, signal clarity and surge protection has made it a reliable partner for major players, such as Dell, LG, Samsung and Sony for applications ranging from laptops, smart televisions and game consoles to switches, servers and data centres.

"Clients represent unique problem-solving challenges as we tailor our connectors to meet their products' circuit designs for optimal performance," UDE chairman Gary Chen says.

UDE's lean and efficient production processes in Dongguan and Sichuan keep gross margins at 28 per cent, despite escalating labour costs. Streamlined, flexible and automated processes cut the number of operators from more than 100 per production line to only 10 last year. Annual improvements in automation have also raised output and quality, making UDE the most efficient ICM manufacturer with the lowest cost worldwide.

The company foresees revenues of HK$2.6 billion in several years, focusing on the networking and consumer markets with the advent of cloud computing and digital home systems. Already with the largest capacity for ICMs worldwide, UDE is further expanding output with the completion of another Sichuan plant by the end of next year. The company opened an engineering and marketing office in Silicon Valley

18 months ago. "We welcome ambitious distributors and long-term investors to join our unique company as it grows extremely fast on the right track with an exciting and promising market environment," Chen says.