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Zenith Color Chemical's eco-friendly dyes make powerful market imprint

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 12:23pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 12:23pm

Projected to be worth US$19.6 billion this year, the competitive global market for textile chemicals is estimated to expand to US$23.4 billion by 2018. Coupled with this whopping growth is the rising demand for environment-friendly dyes. With products that respond to market demands and environmental requirements, Zenith Color Chemical is best-placed to tackle these challenges.

"We are concentrating on the development of fresh products that are ecologically-friendly," says Joseph Chang, Zenith chairman and CEO and supervisory board chairman of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland.

One of these products is royal blue dye, a shade commonly used in the industry. Equally strong as Zenith's previous royal blue products, the dye produces less wastewater and has received Europe's coveted Bluesign certification for its wide range of environment-friendly products. Zenith is looking to leverage this product range as it positions itself as a major player in the global textile chemicals market. The royal blue dye is expected to be rolled out by the end of this year.

Zenith was founded in 1978 as an agent selling dyes for Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan and Hoechst of Germany. It has since become a quality-driven dye manufacturer with the widest product range, selling a third of its capacity to Taiwan and another third to Japan. It keeps the final third for a world-class American manufacturer of differentiated chemicals. Aside from textiles, Zenith holds two-thirds of the automotive interiors market in Japan. It also supplies automotive interior dyes to high-end brands such as Lexus, Nissan and Honda.

With a commitment to technological innovation, Zenith is engaged in the development of more eco-friendly products. As the best-quality producer of disperse dyes in China, the company remains financially stable amid a volatile market landscape. Zenith aims to further increase profitability and build a better financial structure through product development.

"If you don't have new products coming out, you lose your core competency," Chang says.


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