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Flash memory leader stays ahead of trends

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 2:26pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 2:27pm

As the world's manufacturing hub for industrial electronics, Asia will require more flash memory products in the next four years. Industries such as vehicle, mobile phone and consumer electronics are steadily moving towards serial flash technology. Staying ahead of these market trends, leading Taiwanese flash memory specialist Eon Silicon Solution is boosting serial flash production.

The company is evolving its offerings from NOR to include NAND flash technology, which reduces the area of a chip that is needed for flash memory to optimise a chip's memory capacity, for higher performance at a lower cost.

"We keep coming up with new ideas to improve our product performance," says chairman and CEO Pauling Chen. "We are expanding to cover all areas of flash memory, including NAND storage."

Eon is among the world's top 10 flash memory providers and offers the world's widest range of parallel and serial flash products. Its complete serial peripheral interface (SPI) line-up includes 3-volt and 1.8-volt devices with densities ranging from one megabit to 256 megabits, and NAND devices with densities ranging from one gigabit to four gigabits.

Eon has upgraded the architecture of its SPI products to give clients cost-efficient flash memory, which decreases power consumption.

Eon's innovations stem from its emphasis on engineering design. "Our best edge as a design house comes from the expertise and talent of our design team," Chen says. Eon's design team leverages the company's cumulative experience in the United States from the expertise of American information technology company AMD. Eon moved to Taiwan in 2002 following its incorporation in California in 1996. Eon's focus on North America and Europe opens it to new distribution partnerships in these areas, as it remains committed to its distributors throughout Asia. With the mainland comprising 50 per cent of Eon's market and opportunities in Japan and the US, the company welcomes partnerships and research and development collaborations in the region.


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