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Environmental protection is top priority for electroplating expert

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 2:29pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 2:29pm

Compliance with environmental protection laws is a must for electroplating companies. Yet, many industry players downplay the gravity of environmental concerns behind these laws. Untreated wastewater from electroplating factories contains harmful chemicals that end up in farmlands and community water supplies. Under China's Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law, companies that discharge industrial waste must treat their sewage prior to securing pollution emission licences.

As the largest plating house in southern China, Superior Plating Technology leads the way in responsible electroplating operations that prioritise environmental protection. "Our first objective is to follow the government's policies by investing in wastewater treatment technology," says chairman S.P. Lee. "The most important thing for us is that we conduct our business honestly by not breaking these laws."

Superior Plating Technology leverages Lee's 30 years of electroplating experience in providing a wide range of metal treatment services such as electroless nickel plating for hard disk drive parts. The company also provides zinc plating for vehicle components and tin-nickel plating for medical equipment parts. Its other services - such as gold plating, tin solder plating and continuous silver plating - are likewise indispensable to manufacturing industries including computers, communications and consumer electronics, semiconductors and connectors.

Offering these services following the highest standards, the company has obtained five licences for pollution emission and has invested in wastewater treatment facilities at its five factories in Shenzhen. All these keep Superior Plating Technology in line with government regulations and the corporate social responsibility agenda of its clients.

"Our customers emphasise environmental protection and believe that if we do a good job in protecting the environment, we will be able to serve them for a long time," Lee says.

Superior Plating Technology works closely with local governments to ensure that its operations are environment-friendly while contributing to local economies. The company looks forward to co-operating with other local governments as it looks to invest in establishing new facilities on the mainland.

"Not many provinces or cities in China have factories like ours and we can help support a complete local manufacturing chain," Lee says.

To remain competitive in the long term, Superior Plating Technology is investing in automation to reduce labour costs and in quality control equipment. The company also invests in research and development for processes such as anodising and micro-arc plasma plating for mobile phone casings. It will continue to expand into the eastern part of the mainland and Thailand, and will be listed on Taiwan's main stock exchange in three years.


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