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Multibax's biobags provide sustainable packaging solutions

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 4:12pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 June, 2018, 5:32pm

Plastic bags are indispensable for processing, storing, transporting and disposing of a variety of goods. Taking an active stance to source out alternatives to conventional plastics and promote Thailand as a bioplastic hub, Multibax manufactures cost-efficient biodegradable products using local plant-based resources.

As one of Thailand's leading export-based plastic bag manufacturers, Multibax has grown rapidly since its inception in 1995. "Our products are tailored to client specifications," says Surachai Atsawakaewmongkhon, managing director. "Most of our clients are multinational companies with very high expectations, so we have to comply with different international standards."

To meet the increasing global demand for compostable products, Multibax has set up its research and development facility to formulate its biodegradable plastic resin and bag and to reduce the cost of conventional plastic production. It maintains a strong network with university-based researchers and works closely with Thai government agencies such as the National Innovation Agency (NIA). "Our bioplastic bags are 100 per cent compostable within six months and do not release potentially harmful substances into the environment. For our formulation, we use tapioca starch mixed with bioplastic resin," says Pisuth Lertvilai, deputy managing director.

Compostability, strong mechanical property and competitive pricing are the three essential ingredients that make Multibax's business a success. It has the seal of approval from international certification bodies such as DIN CERTCO from Germany, Vinçotte from Belgium and the Biodegradable Products Institute from the United States.

NIA awarded Multibax the National Innovation Award in October last year in the economic impact category, which demonstrates the company's strong commitment to strengthen the Thai plastic sector and enhance quality of life.

Part of its long-term goals is to forge strategic partnerships with European firms for biodegradable products and to create a solid base in the Asian market, with focus on Japan, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Multibax continuously seeks better formulations to improve its product quality and optimise production cost.