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Better World Green ventures into waste-to-energy projects

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 4:52pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 4:52pm

One man's dream has kept Thailand clean and green. Suwat Luengviriya realised his lifelong wish for a better world and greener environment when he founded Better World Green (BWG) 16 years ago. The company introduced the concept of sustainable industrial waste management in Thailand, which earned it a gold medal from the Department of Industrial Works. Through the years, BWG has grown to become the country's only provider of integrated industrial waste management, covering the whole value chain from counselling and waste analysis to transport and disposal.

"At the heart of the company is our desire to protect the environment, the communities and our clients' brands," says Suwat, who is also the president and CEO of BWG.

BWG ensures the highest standards in managing hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastewater and solid wastes. With its own laboratory, the company analyses and reduces the toxicity of waste products using test procedures accredited by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. Its incinerator, which is operated by subsidiary Akkhie Prakarn, is the first in Asia that is equipped with a modernised air purification system. From waste collection to wastewater treatment, landfill or incineration, all processes follow ISO guidelines and those set by the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

"Through our technological expertise and high international standards, we are able to share with clients our passion for the environment and in the process, help them strengthen their branding," Suwat says.

Suwat pursues his dream further as he leads Thailand into a new era in industrial waste management. In co-operation with Japanese waste management group Yamazen, BWG is pioneering waste-to-energy projects in Thailand. BWG is producing refuse derived fuel, which will be used to power an electric plant it plans to set up soon.

BWG is also strengthening its waste logistics as it plans to cover the integrated management of household waste. With all trucks equipped with a global positioning system, the company is devising more efficient ways of picking up and delivering waste across the country. BWG will beef up its fleet to help accommodate the estimated household waste generated yearly across Thailand.

"We cannot make it alone," Suwat says. "We welcome everyone, including potential partners, to help us make our dream of a better world a reality."


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