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Trust and technology draw investors to Country Group Securities

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 5:27pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 5:27pm

As Thailand prepares to boost trade with fellow emerging markets under the Asean Economic Community by 2015, Country Group Securities (CGS) -Thailand's No 2 brokerage firm - is set to become the region's investment gateway with its full range of financial advisory services.

Fired up by an astounding 280 per cent growth in revenue last year, CGS is determined to grow business and uphold the investment profession. Equipping clients with financial knowledge and access to securities for the past 35 years, the company's success hinges on two key assets - trust and technology.

"We encourage good governance throughout the organisation," says Dr Prasit Srisuwan, CEO and president. "And with the right technology, we can change and improve many things."

Embracing principled leadership in all dealings, Prasit works closely with his experienced management team to handle the firm's daily operations. From providing customised services to more than 60,000 retail investment accounts to helping domestic and international institutional investors navigate Thailand's derivatives and equity markets, CGS ensures integrity, transparency and fair dealings are steadily maintained.

Thailand's investment community also seeks CGS for its fast and stable infrastructure technology. As one of the country's top internet trading sites, CGSetrade allows clients to monitor their stock portfolio, deposit funds and purchase securities within Thailand at any time. Global investors can also access and trade stocks from 19 major exchanges worldwide using the company's secure CGS OASIS trading platform.

Strengthening its access to foreign markets, CGS is developing additional trading products and channels while brokering investment banking deals. Offshore firms entering Thailand's financial space can also rely on CGS for its extensive market know-how.

"Our core speciality is our experience with the local Thai capital markets," Prasit says. "If foreign companies want to penetrate the Thai retail market, we can help them quickly understand the investment environment. I'm all for win-win situations."


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