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SAT speeds up growth through vehicle parts exports, partnerships

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 5:38pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 5:38pm

Vehicle makers are increasingly using Thailand as a manufacturing hub, bringing credence to the label, "Detroit of the East". Somboon Advance Technology (SAT), a Thai pioneer, is well-positioned to benefit from the flourishing automotive industry, which is backed by a rising middle class and the government's car buyer programme that offers tax rebates to first-time buyers.

"We have more than five decades of experience and know-how in the vehicle industry," says president Yongkiat Kitaphanich. "We have developed strong fundamentals, covering quality, cost, delivery, engineering design and management."

Operating under the Somboon Group, SAT began as a local replacement equipment manufacturer in 1962. With its home-grown technical expertise, SAT has ventured into manufacturing original vehicle parts for export to foreign markets, mainly Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

SAT produces 30 per cent to 40 per cent of Thailand's vehicle supplies such as coil springs, disc brakes and drum brakes. It dominates domestic production of axle shafts by 80 per cent. Through automotive firms that use Thailand as a one-tonne pickup truck production base, SAT exports its products to 137 countries.

SAT's commitment to quality is evident in its cost-efficient and environment-friendly engineering production. Its management systems ensure high performance and timely delivery of its products to the global market.

Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Toyota, Nissan, ATT, Kubota, Ford and General Motors are among the companies that SAT serves with its customer-compliant designs developed in its research centres located in Thailand. "Customers are confident with our products as they underwent meticulous testing," Yongkiat says.

Apart from its research and development initiatives, SAT will open a learning academy for the in-house training of employees, which is a key strategy for the company to advance internationally.

"We aim to not only sustain our growth, but to diversify into new products and services," Yongkiat says. SAT is open to new businesses with potential partners and investors from around the globe.


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