South China Morning Post & The Hongkong Telegraph

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 October, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 October, 1995, 12:00am

VOL I No. 17 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1945. PRICE M.Y. 10 Give a girl a free hand and she'll reach for her powder puff.

* * * Then there was the officer who was so stupid that even his fellow officers noticed it.

* * * The Bank of England is being purchased by the nation. Master-piece by Montagu Norman.

* * * Stanley internees are a bit crowded at Rosary Hill. But in yearning for the wide open spaces, may be it isn't wise to yearn too hard.

* * * Japan's Minister for Agriculture says the people will be forced to eat grasshoppers, leaves and grass to survive. A diet of crow apparently doesn't fill.

* * * With a thousand international treaties being revised simultaneously, contemporary historians need slow motion cameras.

* * * The jealous guardians of the atomic bomb secret seem to have forgotten that a million monkeys hammering on a million typewriters for a million years will eventually produce something equal to the works of Shakespeare.

* * * Label on a bottle in a compradore's window: 'Our *** bland port wine was distilled by fresh and flavour grape juice. After this wine has distilled it will reserve under the wine cellar through five years old, and bottled under a great careful supervision of the company so that is the delicious nourishment in the world.' So now you can understand that headache.

* * * Mary had pyjamas And all the neighbours said: 'You can't tell if she's just got up or is ready to go to bed.' * * * 'So your husband tried to get a government job? What is he doing now?' 'Nothing - he got the job.' STRIFE IN JAVA Clashes Between Dutch And Indonesians UNACCOUNTABLE DISAPPEARANCES Batavia, Oct 12 Numerous incidents between Indonesians and the Dutch marred the peace of yesterday at Batavia and Bandoeng, among other places in Java. In Batavia, it is stated, a number of Eurasians and Dutchmen have unaccountably disappeared during the past few days. A number of Indonesian police personnel have also been wounded while helping the Allied authorities to maintain law and order. The Allied Military Authorities have taken into custody eight Japanese officials accused of committing atrocities against prisoners-of-war and internees in Batavia. Among this number is the self-confessed war criminal, the Kampettai (Japanese Gestapo) chief of Buitenzorg. - Reuter.

Seven Million German Casualties London, Oct 11 The Prime Minister, Mr Clement Attlee, stated in the House of Commons today that the estimated total losses of the German armed forces in killed, permanently wounded and permanent medical casualties, between September 1, 1939, and May 10, 1945, were 7,400,000. - Reuter.

BAN ON NOISE Discharge of Fireworks Forbidden The discharge of fireworks, the playing of any musical instrument or the beating of drum or gong in any public street or road, except in weddings or funerals, the holding of processions other than those of funerals or marriages, and the posting of notices or proclamations, except Government notices, are prohibited, according to a notice issued by the Secretary for Chinese Affairs yesterday. The organisation of or participation in any public meeting other than religious meetings without the permission of the Commissioner of Police is also banned.


Government Looks After Chinese Indigent For the relief of the poorer classes of Chinese in the New Territories at Un Long, Sun Tin, Sai Kung, Tsuen Wan, Sheung Shui, Sha Tin, and Shataukok, the Government has supplied another 500 sacks of rice for distribution. Some time ago a similar gift was made by Government. Responsible villagers of these district are expected to come to Hong Kong to obtain the rice from the Chinese Relief Committee under Mr Tsui Kwai-leung on Monday.

WILD DOG KILL Street Sleeper Dies From Injuries ORGANISING HUNT With marks of injuries showing that he must have been attacked while asleep by a wild dog, the body of a young Chinese boy was found by the police on Friday morning outside No 112, Wing Lok Street. The victim suffered severe injuries on his neck and head. It is understood that there will be a campaign by the police to round up dogs found astray or loose in streets, in particular at night as all dogs must be muzzled.

TOO MANY STOPPAGES Football Watchers Do Not Get Full Value LONDON OCT 13 Armed with a stopwatch, the director of the West Bromwich Club, Albion Councillor Norman Bassett, went to his club's match against Brentford to prove that football patrons do not get their full 90 minutes' play for their money. He proved his point, showing that the ball was in play only 55 minutes. Thirty-five minutes were lost in goal kicks, throw-ins, fouls, corner kicks and offside stoppages. Mr Bassett contends that football's greatest time-waster is the throw-in and says that the ball is so often kicked out of play by the defending half-backs and backs that the throw-in should be abolished in favour of the free kick. He feels that this would stop deliberate kicking out. His watch certainly produced some surprising figures as his record of throw-ins for Saturday's game shows that West Bromwich put the ball over the line 31 times and that Brentford kicked out 43 times.

Mr Bassett hopes to get his proposal on the throw-in law before the Rules Committee of the Football Association. Fifty years ago Hong Kong was returning to normal after the Japanese occupation. These items reflect the news of the time as recorded in The South China Morning Post of October 14 and 15, 1945