Feed The Governor goes global

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 October, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 October, 1995, 12:00am

NO, IT'S not Harvest Festival. Two months ago, Go asked readers to send in products marked 'Best Before June 30, 1997' so we could throw a banquet for the Governor consisting entirely of grub with the same expiry date as him.

Since then, we have received over 50 donations, including soups, main courses, sweets and even Kodak film (thanks Alan Brill) with which to record the event. We have also received products from as far afield as Bombay, London and New York, so it is fair to say Go's Feed The Governor campaign has become world-famous.

Everyone who has contributed (however inappropriate, thank you Lorraine Johnson) will be receiving our much hyped 'special limited-edition gift' (thanks Christine Wong). The campaign will run until nature and commerce make available the first side of beef or leg of lamb due to expire on June 30, 1997. Once we have that, the banquet will be considered ready. So, until then, keep those entries flooding in.

Naturally, you can't have a decent banquet without a decent wine. But where can you find a wine with a sell-by date of June 30, 1997? Step forward the Plonk Lovers Association (can their acronym really be PLA) and uncork Chateau Hong Kong Vintage 1997 which goes on sale this week. Distributed by Fullers ($119.70 a bottle, tel: 2877-2733), Chateau Hong Kong is described as 'reminiscent of a rich fragrant port'.

According to the label's serving suggestions, the wine 'should be left in the dark until June 30, 1997. By then it should be full of unprecedented surprises and ideal for the party.' The company has pledged two cases for Go's Feed The Governor Banquet. So, thanks for the indigestion pills, Tse Suk-ying.

Keep scouring those supermarket shelves. Happy hunting.