Society strives to revive interest in traditional art

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 November, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 November, 1995, 12:00am

DO you know what Western calligraphy is? You can get an idea from the Western Calligraphy and Art Exhibition at the Tuen Mun Town Hall Exhibition Gallery. The exhibition will run through to Wednesday.

You will see Western calligraphy in the form of poetry and other creative artworks.

Speaking from my experience as the president of a secondary school's Western Calligraphy Society, promoting art is difficult, let alone promoting Western calligraphy. The reason? Students think it is painstaking and have no interest in it.

The exhibition is aimed at raising public interest in the subject.

In the past year, our school has organised and participated in activities such as the Joint Schools Art Exhibition and the Art Fair.

By getting more students involved in the activities, we hope to give them a better understanding of Western calligraphy.

On the other hand, we also showed the public the fun and interesting side of something they thought was boring.

Calligraphy courses have also been held in the school year to promote an interest in the subject.

Our society has decided to take all this a step further and introduce calligraphy to the general public.

There are also plans to teach children in special schools how to do calligraphy and to make bookmarks for sale in shopping malls and MTR stations to raise funds for charity.

This article is from SUSANNE LIE of the Western Calligraphy Society of St Paul's Secondary School