Where to learn art of cooking

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 November, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 November, 1995, 12:00am

WHERE do teenagers get their culinary inspiration? Not from cookbooks. Most stick to family recipes passed on from their mothers.

Some are inspired by television cooks - Lisa Fong (who is better known as Mrs Fong) who hosts ATV's afternoon cooking programme and Lee Kam-lun on TVB.

For the young and eager who want face-to-face lessons here are some suggestions.

Various schools and centres offer a variety of cooking courses for amateurs aged 16 or above. There are no specific courses for teenagers, but some have sessions for children.

Towngas Cooking Centre's practical children's cookery classes are geared for students between eight and 15.

Most sessions are offered in the summer. Recipes taught include snacks and Western dishes. These include Spanish rice, omelette, pizza-in-the-pan, stir-fry wu tung with chicken, macaroni cheese, and potato salad.

Throughout the year Towngas offers many courses in Asian and Western cooking, including preparing Chinese family dishes. Call 2576-1535 for details.

The YMCA offers cookery classes for children aged between six and 14, which cover basic cooking methods, kitchen safety and food hygiene.

Recipes include snacks such as chocolate, marshmallows, pizza, tarts and spring rolls. Throughout the year the YMCA and YWCA offer a wide variety of demonstration courses, including elementary Chinese cooking, which concentrates on basic skills; provincial cuisines such as Shanghai, Chiu Chow and Eastern; and specialty cooking classes such as noodles, fish and hot-pot cooking. Tel: 2369-2211.

The Hong Kong Baptist University School of Continuing Education runs a principles of cookery class, which covers a wide range of topics including theory and technique, hygiene and storage, and kitchen organisation. Tel 2721-2211.

The School of Continuing Studies of the Chinese University runs a workshop in practical Cookery during the spring and autumn terms, covering topics ranging from food nutrition, buying and storage. It also introduces family dishes and snacks. The spring term brochure is available in January. Tel: 2723-7996.