Apple puts bite into sound with wireless MacStereo

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 January, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 January, 1993, 12:00am

THE tiny speaker in my Macintosh just does not do it for me.

I understand that just about every Macintosh produces high-quality, stereophonic sound without having to purchase additional hardware.

The only problem is that all of this wonderful sound comes out of a little junky mono speaker inside the Mac.

I know that Apple has provided a stereo jack in the back for external speakers.

It sounds fantastic when I connect the Mac to my home stereo system, but my wife does not like the trail of exposed wires.

Do you know of a wireless way I can hook things up? TONY KOO Taikoo Shing Fortunately for you, there is a wireless way to connect the audio from the Mac to your stereo system.

Acrotech Inc, an American company, has come up with the MacStereo, a product that can send the stereo audio output to any sound system up to 15 metres away.

Simply plug the MacStereo box into the Mac's external audio jack and set your stereo system's FM tuner to the designated frequency.

MacStereo transmits a stereo FM signal to your stereo's FM receiver.

According to its creators, the tricky part was developing MacStereo to transmit a stereo signal.

MacStereo has the capability to send separate left and right audio signals, to reproduce true stereo sound on your stereo system.

MacStereo also includes a built-in sound-level control, so users can change volume levels without having to leave their desks.

Normally, when you plug something into the Mac's audio jack, it cuts off the internal speaker.

MacStereo, however, has its own built-in speaker, so you do not have to unplug the device when you do not want to transmit sound to the stereo.

Although MacStereo's internal speaker is small, Acrotech has amplified and filtered it for a sound that's far superior to the Mac's internal speaker.

And though most Macintosh business products and games do not produce stereo sound, you will hear superior audio with the MacStereo product.

More and more software products are taking advantage of the Mac's stereo capabilities.

Most CD-ROM products today, for example, contain stereo sound effects and music.

MacStereo sells for US$199.95.

For more information, call Acrotech Inc in the US on (818) 449-3256.

I AM looking for a simple word processing program which can easily integrate graphs, pie charts, bar charts and the like into it.

It is mainly for use in my son's homework.

As background, I have up to now had an XT on which I have run ''First Choice'', which has answered all my needs, but I have recently upgraded to a 386DX with Windows.

I do not use a computer all day and every day, so programs that have lots and lots of features and which require a lot of study each and every time I need to do a bit here and there are a bit wasted on me.

Can you suggest anything? K. RIPPON Central Since you use Windows now, the Windows versions of word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Ami Pro, Word Perfect, Wordstar and Professional Write Plus can all do what you ask.

These programs are capable of accepting data in the form of graphs, charts or pictures, from other Windows programs such as spreadsheets and graphics applications.

Since all these word processors are graphics-based, they are quite easy to use, and they come with on-line help features that can see you through most operational glitches.

You can get these programs from almost any computer retail outlet.