Tweed for the new breed

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 09 December, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 09 December, 1995, 12:00am

SAY 'Tweed' to most people and they think of hokey sport coats and bulky, old-fashioned suits epitomising the wardrobe staples for 'country living.' Tweed was strictly for rural dwellers and urbanites with a weekend pass out of town. Not anymore. In keeping with the latest in stylish upheavals, everything that was formerly considered 'nerdy' or 'square' now enjoys pride of place on fashion's fickle mantle. Tweed is trendy again. You might say boring but, it's hard to go wrong when classic, conservative clothing is the trendiest thing around. The best of these 'new tweeds' have shed their country bumpkin image in favour of a sleeker, more sophisticated silhouette. Those pictured are from Theme and they have a generous selection at every branch. Belted jackets stay close to the body with narrower sleeves and fitted waists. Skirts are long and narrow or knee-length with a simple A-line. The trousers should always be narrow. (Too much heavy tweed can add unwanted bulk).

Urban babes uninitiated in the art of wearing tweeds may want to start small, maybe just a skirt or a fitted jacket.

These 'country' clothes translate easily into city-life. And hey, if you happen to get an invitation for a casual weekend . . . you'll have something to wear.

Hair & Make-up: Roland Richardson/Elite Model: Kathy/Elite