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ABS Systems' HospitalMetrics3D revolutionises health care management

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 February, 2014, 4:07pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 10:52am

More countries are using health informatics to improve their health care systems, which is particularly evident in Canada, where the state provides comprehensive health coverage for all citizens. With more than 30 years of experience in developing business intelligence (BI) and decision support technologies, homegrown software company ABS Systems is at the forefront of this evolution.

"Our sole focus is on BI for health care," says executive vice-president and chief operating officer Oren Chervinsky. "HospitalMetrics3D, our complete intelligence solution, was built backwards - designed in tandem with health care information users, not technology experts."

Based on the company's award-winning performance measurement platform Metrics3D, HospitalMetrics3D helps decision-makers use health care's "big data" more effectively, resulting in quicker and more accurate decision-making with a cost-effective model. The revolutionary solution allows executives to directly access empirical information to plan, monitor and assess hospitals' clinical and operational activities, and compliance with government reporting requirements.

In addition to being reasonably priced and easy to deploy, the enterprise-wide solution is user-friendly even for non-technical users. Developed as a web-based BI tool, HospitalMetrics3D does not require a supporting information technology department.

To help hospitals target key departments and to assist with integration and adoption, ABS also offers specialised analytics and reporting modules for radiology information systems, picture archiving and communication systems and cardiovascular.

With the popularity of health care BI in general, and HospitalMetrics3D in particular, ABS has earned the distinction of being an integrator of thought and technology trends. ABS is actively looking for global partnerships to bring the power of health analytics to hospitals everywhere, with a large multinational Japanese technology firm already on board. The company is particularly setting its sights on the flourishing Chinese health care sector.

"We are excited to forge partnerships with health care technology providers or consulting firms that understand the Asian markets and the localised health care issues, and share the goal of revolutionising health care," Chervinsky says.


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