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Dynaplas shapes technical advancements in high-precision plastics

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 February, 2014, 4:16pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 10:52am

Moving towards sustainable design, vehicle manufacturers are placing greater emphasis on lightweighting, green technologies and fuel efficiency. Producing lighter, more economical and high-quality precision plastic components, Dynaplas is upholding the global automotive industry's push for greener and more efficient vehicles.

Dynaplas leverages its in-house proprietary tooling capabilities, software and processes to produce parts to very tight tolerances and specifications. With expertise in innovative precision components for under-the-hood assemblies and multicavitational products, Dynaplas can produce a variety of materials at high volumes and pricing levels that are globally competitive.

Virtually every car line in the world uses Dynaplas' parts. The company uses high-temperature, high-precision resins for applications such as valve bodies (braking systems), accessory drive components (engine fuel economy), transmission solenoids, fuel transmission housings and electrical parts.

"Producing the next generation of technology is important for us," says Greg Walton, president and CEO. "We are passionate about being a technical generation ahead and finding possibilities to produce alternative parts for lighter and more fuel-efficient cars."

While engineering and technology drive Dynaplas forward, the company's backbone is its people. Its engineers are involved in creative activities on a daily basis. Their ingenuity and passion resulted in an innovative use for Dynaplas' plastic technology. Aside from vehicle components, Dynaplas produces H2O Performance Paddles for touring and whitewater kayak enthusiasts. H2O's paddles revolutionised the paddle sports industry by applying new technologies to an industry that had been technology-dated for some time.

Dynaplas nurtures long-term relationships with tier-one manufacturers such as Litens Automotive Group, Bosch, TRW and Continental, among many others, advancing with them as they grow. Open to expanding in Asia, Dynaplas is continuing to ship products in the region for local vehicle production and is inviting partners with a commitment to development.

"We innovate ahead of the market requirement," Walton says. "The technology we provide to the automotive industry is very relevant to what is going on inside China and Asia."