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Global Container Terminals: Bigger gateway to more destinations

PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 February, 2014, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 10:51am

In a world that expects instantaneous delivery, no company is better prepared to keep pace than Global Container Terminals (GCT). Determined to provide the fastest sea-to-land turnaround time, GCT stays ahead of industry demand by making customer service, productivity and efficiency its top priorities.

Backed by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, one of the largest financial institutions in Canada, GCT's four terminals are strategically located in key North American commercial hubs.

The company's Deltaport and Vanterm facilities are situated in Vancouver, the primary west coast gateway to the Pacific. GCT's Global Terminal (Global) and New York Container Terminal in the New York/New Jersey harbour serve the most concentrated and affluent market on the east coast.

"Our terminals service all major trade routes and are critical ports-of-call for our customers," says Stephen Edwards, president and CEO. "The Asia-Pacific trade for Canada and the United States Midwest is handled through Vancouver, and New York/New Jersey is the first east coast call for Asian importers."

Designed to support the growing Asia-Pacific trade to North America, Deltaport's HK$2.9 billion third berth expansion completed in 2010 allows it to service the largest ships transiting the major trade lanes and calling Port Metro Vancouver (PMV).

GCT works with terminal partners to ensure seamless road and rail connections, reaching more inland destinations. PMV's HK$509 million infrastructure project will improve truck access and increase rail efficiency and capacity. GCT's strong service level agreements with the Canadian National Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway enable quick, direct service to the US Midwest in less than four days.

"We continue to handle an increasing proportion of US destination rail because of our better costing and service certainty," Edwards says.

GCT will unveil its HK$2 billion state-of-the-art expansion at Global in the second quarter this year. The facility will be a hub for advanced technology implementation, equipment arrivals, commissioning and training. Once completed, Global will feature the highest productivity of any terminal in North America, with a strong focus on efficiency and safety.

"Global will be the first semi-automated terminal in the harbour. This will enable us to improve turnaround time, approximately 33 per cent faster than our competitors," Edwards says. "Decreased port stays translate to increased customer satisfaction."

Unrestricted by air and water draft, Global is the closest terminal to the port entrance and the only facility in the New York/New Jersey area servicing the large vessels transiting the Panama and Suez canals.

Committed to a culture of operational efficiency, GCT continues to improve its service levels, leading the industry into the future.


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