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AxiCorp expands forex trading in Hong Kong and mainland

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 March, 2014, 10:48am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 3:57pm

Australia owes its remarkable performance during the 2008 global financial crisis to its strong financial regulatory environment. Foreign exchange specialist AxiCorp combines this pedigree of financial prudence with strategic partnerships, cutting-edge technology and excellent service to harness one of the world's most exciting markets.

"Forex trading is a trillion-dollar, non-stop market that is difficult to manipulate," says Quinn Perrott, AxiCorp general manager. "To help investors tap into this market, we've created a brokering firm that we would want to trade with ourselves."

Leveraging the liquidity and best forex trading processes of the world's top 14 banks, AxiCorp is able to offer tight and dynamic spreads under the AxiTrader brand. Retail, corporate and institutional clients enjoy seamless trading in more than 40 currency pairs and nine futures-based indices from anywhere in the world. AxiCorp also offers online overseas forex payments through AxiForex.

"With its 24-hour capability, forex trading has become an internet phenomenon, and we've invested heavily in our technological infrastructure and know-how to give clients what they need and want," Perrott says.

Using the highly efficient MetaTrader platform, AxiTrader can make 25 market updates per second while its New York-based servers can complete an order from anywhere around the world in only 0.2 second. Such technology puts AxiTrader ahead of the industry with the ability to handle up to 250,000 trades daily.

AxiCorp welcomes partnerships with local trading firms eager to carry the AxiTrader brand. Continuing its exponential growth, the company is investigating the setting up of regional offices in China and South America as forex deregulation sweeps through emerging economies. AxiCorp also collaborates with a university in China and other schools on training students of finance.

"Forex trading has not yet reached its mature phase given the growth on the internet," Perrott says. "This market will form an investment class of its own and will be as widely used as traditional stocks."