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NCI secures bottom lines through regional credit solutions

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 March, 2014, 2:49pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 3:56pm

Multinational corporations that hedge against commercial and political risks to do business globally are finding the safety net they need in trade credit insurance. As companies increasingly take on risks to become more competitive, trade credit insurance has emerged as an essential financial tool to protect a firm's profitability.

Sharing its specialist trade credit insurance expertise to secure the bottom lines of companies in Australia, National Credit Insurance (Brokers), or NCI, is extending its 25-year credit knowledge and experience to assist companies across Asia-Pacific.

"As the trading environment grows in Asia, insurance and collection services will become a normal practice in the region," says Kirk Cheesman, managing director.

Insuring businesses against potential bad debt, NCI's Australian headquarters and Singapore hub are manned by 145 staff members dedicated to trade credit risk mitigation. Reaching markets worldwide, including north Asia, through its ties with the International Credit Brokers Alliance, NCI is able to provide a complete range of services that encompasses credit risk management, collection and full assessments of potential debtors, including monitoring of activities.

"We offer a whole suite of tools that helps clients go into business confidently, get paid on time and avoid insolvency problems," Cheesman says. "We are like an external partner of clients' in-house credit team."

NCI's international reach and industry scope allow it to offer the best solutions to clients. As a global insurance broker, NCI is not just aligned with one insurer or company, enabling it to find the best deal with the best coverage. NCI customers come from a diverse set of industries - from electronics wholesale companies to agriculture and natural resources, including Australia's wine industry.

Serving Southeast Asia's growing export and manufacturing sectors, NCI acts as a bridge in Asia-Pacific to offer regional solutions and in-depth local and international perspectives, while delivering highly personalised services.


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