Passport of convenience

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 January, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 January, 1996, 12:00am

SO Mr T S Lo has decided to publicly give up his British passport. How convenient for him to be able to switch his nationality.

I suspect that if the US or Italy were taking over Hong Kong next week, Mr Lo would most likely magically summon up an Italian or American passport. Like a toy that has lost its novelty value Mr Lo decides he would like another more 'convenient' nationality.

So although Mr Lo enjoyed his freedom, protection under the law and the efficient and easy business structure in Hong Kong utilising his British passport - which no doubt helped him develop his business and investments in other countries - all that is now suddenly not so convenient. I am sure there are many Hong Kong people less fortunate than Mr Lo who would be happy to receive a British passport, and it is a pity that someone who would really value it could not have his old one.

Enjoy your visa-free travel to North Korea and Cuba Mr Lo; I am sure you will find your new passport very advantageous to you, at least as long as China is stable.

God forbid any political upheaval or social unrest on the mainland in the near future: it would be extremely interesting to see which direction Mr Lo would take should such a scenario ever arise.