Another charade enacted

PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 January, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 19 January, 1996, 12:00am

AS a Filipino, I am sick and tired of all the times one reads that something is going to be done to retrieve the Marcos billions held by Swiss banks.

It's like a scratchy record played over and over that just gives one a pain.

Another charade is being enacted, this time in Hong Kong, as various parties produce a lot of hot air while engaging in legal twists and turns that will once again signify nothing. For over a decade, reports have told us of plans by Filipino officials to negotiate with the Swiss to get the funds released - with the Marcoses, all the while, making noises denying that their wealth has been stashed abroad.

I despair whenever I think of all the Marcos victims who have waited in vain for their just compensation, not to mention all the Filipinos living in poverty because of their former dictator's greed. As the Philippine Government continues to get entangled in stupid legal procedures that end up nowhere, the stiff-necked Swiss bankers themselves play their crass financial games by setting conditions that cannot be met.

Why cannot the Swiss dispense with all the hocus-pocus and just turn the funds over? Can they not consider the poverty of the Philippines and bend a bit just this one time? Of course they should give the funds to an international agency that will make sure it gets to the right people, since giving the money outright to our government, or to any private Filipino agency, would be disastrous.

Would this be too much to ask - is this like crying in the wilderness? CRISTINA AMANDA VELASQUEZ Lantau