Voice from Iceland jets in

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 February, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 09 February, 1996, 12:00am

THERE'S plenty of top live music happening this week (for a change) spearheaded by pixie-faced alternative pop diva, Bjork.

The diminutive Icelandic soprano hits town for two shows at Queen Elizabeth Stadium and will be supported by Plaid.

Her first show is on Thursday at 8pm and will hopefully kick off on time if the stadium management doesn't repeat the same mistakes that befell the Beastie Boys gig a few weeks ago.

Tonight: Lamma ladies the Sisters of Sharon bring their outrageous live act back to the Fringe Club. These indie songbirds shouldn't be missed from 10pm.

The bad boys of Wan Chai, The Bastards, play the Wanch from 10pm. Shotgun Milkshake are supporting at 9pm.

Dave Colquhoun hits Mad Dogs Central with his acoustic guitar and bluesy brass slide in hand. Check him out about 9pm.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Kowloon have imported Vitamin Q. They play nightly except Saturdays at about 9pm.

The New China Max features its new American band Raw. They play nightly at 9.30pm.

Tomorrow: DJ Mickey Smith has snared Franco-Japanese DJs UFO (United Future Organisation) for a gig in Quo Quo. They start spinning at midnight.

Another top rave will see the return of Nicky Holloway from London's Velvet Underground at Judgement AD. The gig gets cracking from 1am.

The Wanch will feature blues, pop and rock classics from Moose Caboose at 10pm.

The Eh-Team play acoustic rock classics in Carnegies from 8pm.

Sunday: Dave Colquhoun plays acoustic blues in Mad Dogs Central at 9pm.

Bambi and Blue Steel in Carnegies from 8pm.

Wednesday: Bambi and Blue Steel in the Wanch at 10pm.

Dave Colquhoun's Easy Does It play a little soul from 10pm in Mad Dogs Central.

Thursday: Dave and Easy Does It, easily do it again this time in Mad Dogs Kowloon from 9pm.