Quiz tests students' initiative

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 February, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 February, 1996, 12:00am

THE History Club at our school - Chong Gene Hang College - held its second Joint School History Quiz last month.

'Planning it was not easy because the quiz was scheduled for mid-January, which is also the time that many secondary schools have their examinations,' said Frederica Ng Hoi-ka, the chairman of our History Club.

'We were wondering how many schools would take part.' However, despite the difficulties, eight schools, mostly from Hong Kong side, wrote back saying they would join us for the contest.

'It was very encouraging,' said the club's vice-chairman, Chan Yuen-tung. 'This proves that the quiz is welcomed by students.' The quiz consisted of three rounds: two preliminaries and the final, all conducted in one morning.

This was to suit the needs of individual schools that had very tight schedule during this period.

Each round consisted of 40 questions, 10 of which were quick-response queries designed to add excitement to the quiz.

The event lasted two-and-a-half hours, with four schools emerging as winners.

They were St Paul's Convent School, which won the championship with a score of 250 points, followed by Queen's College with 170 points.

St Joseph's College and St Mark's School came third and fourth respectively.

The quiz was a great success. At the closing ceremony, Wong Wai-lun, our club adviser, thanked all the schools for their support.

'Without this of support,' he said, 'we would not have had such a good time together.' Our principal, Mr Ho Kong-hin, stressed the importance of the quiz which, he said, was more for friendship than anything else.

'Not many schools are willing to organise such joint school activities, but the students of Chong Gene Hang College have shown a great eagerness to do so, and got down to the job.' Mr Ho urged all participating schools to continue to give their support so that the quiz could continue as an annual event.

Cillan Marc, 18, is a Form Six student of Chong Gene Hang College. He is also the Secretary of the school's History Club which organised the event.