PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 February, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 February, 1996, 12:00am

IRISH folk-rocker Kieran Halpin has been nabbed for a series of shows in Hong Kong.

Halpin is in town as part of his Asian tour to promote a new album The Rite Hand, showcasing his warm, ambient vocals and acoustic accompaniment.

Keyboardist and long-time collaborator Anth Kaley will be accompanying his mate while in the territory.

Their first show is in Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Sai Kung, tonight around 9pm.

Tonight: The Victoria Jazz Band have found a new venue with a great view. They are now Friday night regulars in Cafe Deco on the Peak playing Dixieland and a little swing from 9pm.

The Bastards play hard-rock and punk classics and originals in the Wanch. See them live and loud from 10pm.

Dave Colquhoun hits Mad Dogs Central with acoustic blues about 9pm.

Tomorrow: Kieran Halpin's second show will take place in the Wanch. He and Kaley provide the Irish folk-rock from 10pm. Local boy Jim Herd opens the evening with his own acoustic rock at 7pm.

The Eh-Team play acoustic rock in Carnegies about 9pm.

The Recovering Alcoholics Jug Band have become a regular in Shek O's centre of nightlife Visage, Too. Catch their drunken acoustic blues from 10pm.

Sunday: Dave Colquhoun plays acoustic blues in Mad Dogs Central about 9pm.

Bambi and Blue Steel in Carnegies from 8pm.

Wednesday: Irish folksters Halpin and Kaley perform their final show in Hong Kong at Carnegies. Catch their folk-rock originals from about 9pm.

The China Coast Jazzmen play classic Dixieland in the Godown. See them from 9pm.

It's the ever-feared Jam Night in the Wanch. Bring your guitar, plug in and wail away from 9pm.

Cool blues from Dave Colquhoun and his new band Easy Does It, from 10pm in Mad Dogs Central.

Thursday: Dave and Easy Does It hit Mad Dogs Kowloon about 9pm.

Plus: Mike Inot and his jazz ensemble can be heard nightly (except Friday) in Cafe Deco on the Peak doing their own brand of jazz classics from 7.30pm.

Gary Adkins and his band play pop and soul at Tott's in the Excelsior Hotel. See them nightly from 9pm.

JJ's house band Maximum Drive have a wild new drummer stealing the show and you can catch them nightly, 9.30pm.

The Wanch features Sammy most nights providing rock 'n' roll singalongs. The Hard Rock Cafe in Kowloon have Vitamin Q playing nightly except Saturdays at about 9pm.

The New China Max features American band Raw playing funk classics and originals nightly at 9.30pm.