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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 May, 2014, 4:05pm
UPDATED : Friday, 30 May, 2014, 11:41am

In today’s competitive Asian market, it can be difficult to maintain an edge unless your company’s employees take executive level courses in Hong Kong to turn your them into leaders, not just for the Chinese market, but all over the world. As of 2013, China’s GDP toppled at 16 billion dollars, second only to the United States, which held the top position at 17 billion dollars. China is under the microscope to continue producing Fortune 500 businesses with innovative, competent executives at the helm, and at the center of this business renaissance is the biggest geographical source of Chinese commerce -- Hong Kong.

According to Forbes, Hong Kong is ranked as #3 for best countries to conduct business, and by 2012, Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was at an all time high of 46.6%. Indeed, Hong Kong is the epicenter of China’s economic growth, which is why many companies invest in post-graduate courses in Hong Kong and encourage their employees to participate. Business analysts cite continuing education as a vital tool in aiding a company’s long term business success. Further training helps executives stay current with business trends, leadership skills, and cutting edge technology. As well, Hong Kong serves as a gateway to international channels, so many executive programs in Hong Kong give access to executive seminars in a variety of fields that may offer different perspectives on your business growth. A final advantage for taking courses in Hong Kong is personal development, executive education programs mould leaders with drive, ambition and integrity.

There are several institutions that offer executive education courses in Hong Kong. The Chinese University of Hong Kong operates the Asia-Pacific Institute, an institute that partners with prominent Hong Kong businesses to train executives in areas such as finance, human resources management, and accounting. A stand out program that comes highly recommended is the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The College of Business at CityU first opened their doors a decade ago and currently focus on applied research in the areas of leadership, sustainability, risk management, and innovation management. 

At CityU, the College of Business offers extensive programmes in two integral areas: Company Programs specifically tailored to a company’s needs, with strict attention paid to cultivating interaction between top executives and strong analysis of current case studies, to locally based content. The Company Programs can be adapted for an intense, but short period of time, or longer periods, with less intensity. The program is delivered in Chinese and English, further giving your employees the benefit of international experience, and the university assists with residential housing while studying in Hong Kong. The second program that CityU has available are Award Bearing Programs. With a Doctors of Business Administration (DBA) or an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), CityU works closely with global institutions to give Chinese students the advantage of an international education, contributing to programs in India, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and several others to cover a wide range of research and leadership practices.  CityU operates courses in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen, at the prestigious Shenzhen Research Institute Building. The Hong Kong campus has advanced video and audio systems, plus powerful, fully loaded computers labs, all located in the central area of Kowloon in the heart of Hong Kong.

While there certainly is a plethora of executive education programs to choose from in Hong Kong, institutions like City University of Hong Kong is top notch and can stand alongside other benchmark programs around the world. The city of Hong Kong will continue to be a major player on the economic world stage, so future and current executives should pay attention and obtain the best post-graduate education possible in the epi-center of Asian commerce. An executive education program in Hong Kong paves the way to ultimate success and reward.

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