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Revealed: First images of Ocean Park’s new water park due to open in 2017

The new water park will open in 2017

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 May, 2014, 11:30am
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 May, 2014, 4:23am

Ocean Park's ambitious new plans for a water park to open in 2017 were unveiled today, with artists' impressions showing a futuristic entertainment hub spread across the terraced hillsides of Hong Kong's Southern district.

Wave pools, splash pools, slides and rides will be built into a series of terraced platforms, designed in harmony with the natural surroundings of Tai Shue Wan, Ocean Park said in a report submitted to the Environmental Protection Department.

The park will enjoy extensive sea views and will attract up to 10,500 visitors a day.

“This scheme now takes good advantage of the existing slope conditions by locating ride platforms on or near the slopes to minimise the amount of structural support required,” the report says of the various slides and equipment that wil be installed.

It says the design is an improvement on an earlier plan that envisaged having a flat building shaped like a “clam shell” as the focal point.

According to the environmental impact assessment report, the construction of the facility will lead to the felling of over 1,600 trees along the slope and there will be compensatory planting to make up for the loss.

The park will also relocate Flamingo Pond, currently at the centre of the work area, to south of the Water Park where Ocean Park says will be an isolated corner, free from visitor disturbances. The pond is currently used by herons.

The report says the project is considered to be environmentally acceptable and there would be no adverse residual impact on the environment after easement measures were introduced.

The public now has a month to comment on the report until 18 June. After that the Advisory Council on the Environment will discuss if the report should be endorsed while the Director of Environmental Protection will decide if work permits can be issued to the park for the project.

The new water park is being paid for with a HK$2.3 billion government loan, announced in this year’s budget.

The centrepiece will be two elliptical indoor pools with glass roofs rimmed by plants that will let sunlight in.

More terraces will be built on the slope opposite, where the first level will house the entrance and ticketing office, an exhibition of sea turtles, changing rooms, restaurants and shops.

An outdoor wave pool, plunge pools for slides, an indoor surf rider and slides will be on level two. The next floor will have an indoor wave pool, more indoor play structures, outdoor activity pools and spa pools. The top level will feature water slides.

It will open from 9am to 11pm.

The park claims the water centre will entice tourists to stay an extra three-quarters of a day in the city.

“[It] is projected to contribute significantly to the local economy and drastically stimulate industry growth – it is estimated to create 2,900 jobs, as well as generate HK$842 million in tourism growth,” the report says.


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While I think the designs and project sounds great, I get a feeling that this will be overwhelmed by the mainlander's hygiene habits.............With at least 50% attendance in the Park by mainlanders, can you imagine the hygiene in the pools with them in it?...................I'm referring to how they probably will just simply peee or pooo in there like they do back in mainland pools.
I think that will turn off a lot of locals.
Looks pretty cool actually.
afraid to say after opening it will take a week... max... before someone takes a dump in the pool and we'll be reading about it on scmp.com
After the closure of the original Ocean Park Water World which used to be popular in the 1990s, the attraction-index of the park fell never to pick up until other new additions took shape! This new project should make Ocean Park even more appealing to local residents as well as tourists in the years ahead!
that was my first thought as well
Simpler solution for you: You can choose not to go to the Water Park if you are so worried. Let the market decides the fate of this new attraction.
It is saddening to see how racist people can be against mainland chinese... This is just an article about Ocean Park being extended, and 50% of the comments are about mainland chinese hygiene.
I think some people should just get out of HK a bit, visit China provinces, meet chinese people in some villages in the middle of the countryside and see what mainland china really is. It may help them to understand their way of living, and learn about their origins as well...
it would be more useful than reading news and watching those viral videos ... Make your own opinion people !!
Agreed. While I condemn those ill-mannered mainlanders who do not show respect for HK people's way of living, I am more irritated by those HKers who make racist comments against other Chinese, forcing onto HK a bad-name.
While it is unfortunate for these recent conflicts and events to escalate, which is inevitable, it is also good in a way that citizens will speed up the learning curves to achieving social and cultural integration sooner.
Advice to the Mainlanders: Don't make the false assumption that because HK is now part of China, you can practice your usual habits like you do back home. Learn to respect other people's way of living.
Advice to the HKers: Don't get overly proud and make the false assumption that because HK has a head-start in various developments gives you the right to look down on others. Mainlanders are smart and quick learners, look who's laughing when all your titles are taken over by Shanghai/Beijing and other mega cities on the Mainland. Learn to complain less, act, adapt, innovate, and integrate.
Cool project!!! Fully support.



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