Cecil Chao

Cecil and Terri back together for son

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 March, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 March, 1996, 12:00am

SOCIALITE property tycoon Cecil Chao admitted yesterday he had patched up his much-publicised rift with former lover Terri Holladay for the sake of their 21/2-year-old son Roman.

The pair arrived and left together at one of the territory's biggest social events, the Tatler Ball at the weekend, the first time they have been photographed together since their break-up a year ago.

Mr Chao, 59, said he was 'together' with Ms Holladay again because they were both trying to build a family for their son.

Although Mr Chao would not talk about his relationship with his companion, Michelle Leigh, who moved into his Pokfulam home Villa Cecil last April, it is understood that Miss Leigh moved out before the Lunar New Year.

Mr Chao said that he and Ms Holladay, 28, were not living together, but he could visit her frequently and had access to their son.

'We are together. We are very good friends,' Mr Chao said last night. 'We have a son: we want to give him some kind of parenthood so we can take care of him very well. For him, we have a good relationship.' He said Ms Holladay was welcome at Villa Cecil.

'She can take him to play at my home and I can go to play with him,' he said.

The twist to the social saga means that a showdown over visiting rights to Roman and possible court action over the details of their split may be avoided.

The couple met at a nightclub in 1991 and within weeks were enjoying a romantic holiday in Europe.

Despite their age difference, they became one of the biggest sensations on the social scene. But last year, they split up and Ms Holladay left for the United States taking Roman with her.

It then emerged that their 'marriage' in early 1993 may not have been legal, with Mr Chao claiming the pair never went through a ceremony.