Worried chairman warns erring cadres to mend their corrupt ways

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 March, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 March, 1996, 12:00am

The chairman of China's highest political advisory council yesterday warned corrupt Communist Party and government cadres to mend their ways before it is too late.

At the closing ceremony of the fourth session of the CPPCC, conference chairman Li Ruihuan told members that widespread corruption and other bad behaviour of some cadres had 'aroused strong resentment among the masses'.

'If they remain unresolved, they will seriously damage the prestige of the party and the Government and will eventually endanger our cause,' Mr Li added.

Speaking in front of party leader Jiang Zemin and premier Li Peng, the CPPCC head said all cadres should remember that they were put in power to 'serve the people wholeheartedly'.

Mr Li's warning made up only one-tenth of his address but it was the highlight of an otherwise lacklustre ceremony.

The 1,794 members at the ceremony voted Beijing Vice-Mayor He Luli as a new vice-chairman to the conference, as well as eight new members to its ruling body - the standing committee.

The promotion of Ms He has been linked to the murder of National People's Congress Vice-Chairman Li Peiyao.

Both Ms He and Mr Li belonged to the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang. The Communist Party tries to ensure other political parties are represented on the CPPCC.