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Centuries-old university centres on modern learning

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 June, 2014, 10:33am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 3:48pm

From walking the ancient halls of the University of Aberdeen to relishing the tranquillity of its learning spaces, many people have chosen the Aberdeen educational experience for its erudite and practical traditions. The university makes it conducive for individuals to turn aspirations into achievements as it offers study options that suit varied academic interests and complements these with social and leisure activities that contribute to students' enjoyment and personal growth.

"We maintain the highest order of intellectual rigour and update our curriculum regularly to encourage people to study," says Ian Diamond, principal and vice-chancellor. "We equip our students with skills to succeed in the labour market and encourage them to volunteer and take an interest in areas outside of their studies. We provide a life-changing environment for students wherever they come from."

Though boasting a 500-year heritage, the Scottish university is focused firmly on the future as it offers cross-disciplinary courses that place students at the cutting edge of modern learning. Students and academics can access state-of-the-art research facilities and work with expert teaching staff to help them identify solutions to today's global challenges such as sustainability and food security.

The university has produced some of the world's finest scientists and academics. Scottish physician Patrick Manson, known as the founder of tropical medicine, is a notable alumnus of the university. The early graduates of the University of Aberdeen also founded the Hong Kong College of Medicine in 1887, which later expanded to become the prestigious University of Hong Kong. "Our graduates and our people have gone out and made major impacts all over the world while remembering that our community is instrumental to our mission and our success," Diamond says.

Expanding its reach to attract Asia's cream of the crop, the university offers international degree programmes that allow students to spend two years in a Chinese university and the remaining two years in Aberdeen. Its partner universities include Wuhan University and South China Normal University.

Aside from nurturing ties with Chinese universities, the University of Aberdeen continues to strengthen its links in the mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea. It is also building more partnerships within learning hubs such as Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia as it sees the growing potential for offshore engineering in Southeast Asia.

"The Aberdeen community continues to be a global melting pot of intellectual enterprise," Diamond says. "It is a distinguished hub for institutional partnerships and international students collaborating to serve society."


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