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Hong Kong police stage mock protest in 'major' training exercise for Occupy Central

Officers surround ‘sit-in’ and remove ‘protesters’ in drill ahead of civil disobedience movement

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 June, 2014, 11:58am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 June, 2014, 5:15pm

"Protesters" blocked a road on the grounds of the Police College in Aberdeen yesterday in what force insiders described as a "major exercise" to prepare for possible trouble during the Occupy Central mass sit-in.

All parking at the college was suspended for the day to facilitate the seven-hour exercise, which began at about 10am.

During a simulated march, there were chants of "make way" and "stop the northeastern New Territories new-towns plan" from the 30 or so protesters, all of whom were officers. One group barged into police and another blocked the road.

Officers then formed a cordon around the sit-in, while other police arrived with barricades. Protesters lying on the ground were carried to a bus nearby.

Watch: Hong Kong police stage ‘major exercise’ in preparation for Occupy Central

Police have clashed twice recently outside the Legislative Council complex with protesters fighting plans for new towns.

A police spokesman said yesterday's exercise was part of the force's regular drills to prepare officers to "handle public processions more professionally".

Some 4,000 officers will be deployed to maintain order during the annual July 1 march, part of their preparations for the Occupy Central protest, which will go ahead if the government fails to come up with an acceptable plan for the 2017 chief executive election.

The Police College will be turned into a temporary detention centre during the July 1 operation, police sources said.


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I'm grateful to the police for preparing themselves so responsibly. When the police are prepared and confident, there will be less chance of any violent confrontation escalating unnecessarily. The protesters themselves should feel comforted by this preparation. It's when officials are unprepared, surprised or confused that dangerous and violent incidents occur such as what happened at Kent State in 1970.
It must be tough to deal with the Mogs! Otherwise,other like-campaigns may come and so this presidented operation to combat with large amount of protesters is important for the Commissioner of Police, Mr.Tsang. Also the success in suppressing the protesters will be the deterent effect to thugs. CP Tsang's confidence, quick re-action, smart-minded, and tough are appreciated. Especially, his re-actions against oppositions in Legco whilst invited to attend to account for Police missions were observed smart with good determination. He has given much confidence to the society in general.
I just hope the police act sensibly with the peaceful protesters. Last year they were quite provocative, refusing to let people join the procession along Hennessy Rd, even though there was no logical reason to refuse them.
Healthily Cynical
I pray this all happens peacefully. CY's recent comments show the HK leaders are listening to the people.
Yes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
This is so..... June 4 1989.
Dai Muff
"Police said there were only five protesters ......"
Where are there trees and shotrock hills along Des Voeux Road Central?
Where is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5000?
May Peace Prevail on Earth.


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