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Techno Smart intensifies marketing in Southeast Asia and China

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 July, 2014, 12:37pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 June, 2015, 3:57pm

Amid economic movements and political events worldwide that have impacted Japanese industry, Techno Smart will fully implement the global integration of its sales, purchasing, outsourcing and design businesses this year. The move entails strengthened marketing efforts in Southeast Asia and China.

"We intend to implement a policy of thinking one step ahead of customers and facilities, which has something in common with the word omotenashi, or hospitality," says president Susumu Takahashi.

The company brings more than a century of expertise in machinery precision into its Asian expansion. The successor of Inoue Kinzoku Kogyo or INOKIN, which charted an unmistakably global path on its centenary in 2012 with the rebranding, Techno Smart is more accessible to overseas customers. This should bring collaboration closer to the levels reached with Japanese customers that enabled technological distinction.

Specialising in environmentally sound coaters and dryers, Techno Smart is making an impact on the evolution of consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablet computers. Its advanced equipment for liquid crystal display (LCD) polariser films are used to manufacture high-end touch panels and LCD monitors in the optical film industry.

Techno Smart expects to carve a niche in the upcoming shift to fuel cell cars, the next generation of eco-friendly vehicles. Its high-precision coating machines are used on lithium-ion battery electrodes, separators and fuel cells.

Partnerships with local service providers will strengthen Techno Smart's after-sales service capacity in China. Since 2011, it has tapped Chinese manufacturers for direct sales of coating to hard-coat films for touch panels and polarising plates for LCDs.

With increasing business taking place in China, the company is working on a new technological development based on market trends. It is also improving product maintenance systems and expanding sales in the touch panel and polarising plate industries.

"We would like to help more global customers bring cutting-edge devices, which are well thought out, to life based on our high-precision coating technology," Takahashi says.

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