The latest word on fashion next year

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 16 April, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 April, 1996, 12:00am

A panel of fabric experts forming a global round table has already decided what people will be wearing in 1997.

Fabrics in colours and patterns taken from their recommendations will be featured at Interstoff Asia Spring.

Garment industry gurus have taken words like 'pure', 'escape', 'sensible' and 'fantastic' and developed colour themes and fabrics to give them new meaning.

Cathrine Basquin, from France, Birgit Muis, from the Netherlands, Ornella Bignami, from Italy, and other top names in the garment industry from America, Switzerland, Germany and Britain have paid attention to inflation, depressed economies and conflict to produce a range of fabrics, colours and patterns.

The 'Escape' theme hopes to inspire people to get away from the daily grind. The theme is taken from Latin America but focuses on sophistication rather than traditional folklore.

The fabrics are shantung silk, dupion and raw silk in blends, while the taffetas will be crunchy and the satins textured. Patterns will be either stripes, checks or jacquards with grid and braided effects.

Prints will depict fruit, flowers and animals. The shapes will reflect a smart elegance, modulated by a safari feeling. The complete Escape look will feature smooth, wooden or raffia buttons finished off with Panama hats, belts and sandals made of raffia and hemp.

The fashion conscious adopting the 'Pure' look will be wearing clothes with a silhouette that will reflect a look of pure modern architecture, enhanced by the elegance of materials made from blends of yarns.

The 'Sensible' theme is for the every-day casual feeling - sporty but with a touch of class. The fabrics are inspired by nature, such as earth, stones, sand and fossils, but made of synthetic fibres using modern technology.

The compact cotton will feature crusty bark, mesh and reptile looks with a paper-like feel. An alternative will be the animal skin look, especially snake and giraffe. The look will not be complete without imaginative use of fossil, stone and lava buttons and accessories.

'Fantastic' is a range of fabrics in colours and styles that will appeal to individual and provocative people. Lots of cyberspace impetus and up-dated homages to the '70s, the fabrics are shiny matt, iridescent and luminous, with many light-weight materials such as taffetas and satin.