All the fun of the job fair

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 18 April, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 18 April, 1996, 12:00am

Form Five graduate Cheung Nga-lun, 17, was among the 2,500 employment-seekers at the Labour Department's job fair in City Hall yesterday.

School-leaver Nga-lun was a delivery worker for a month after finishing a commercial course at Kung Lee College, Causeway Bay. He said he resigned because he could not get along with his colleagues. He then took a job handing out promotional leaflets. He wants to be an office assistant.

He lives in Chai Wan with his parents and elder sister, who is an accountant.

What is on your mind? I have been jobless for about six months. I am desperate for a job. I took commercial courses at school and I want to work for a company as an office assistant.

I am active and I would like a job which allows me more outdoor work. It is a bit boring to stay in the office for the whole day. I am not expecting much money. For example, $7,000 a month should be fine. I am trying to be reasonable.

What are you going to do about it? I read the classified pages every day but fail to find a suitable job. I have not been able even to secure an interview. It is frustrating.

The Government says the unemployment rate is falling. My experience tells me that it is not true. The job market is as bad as it was in previous months. I have also tried to seek help from the Labour Department, but so far there is no luck.

It is my first visit to a job fair. The information seems useful. I think the Government should organise more employment fairs of this kind. I regret I did not go to the fairs held previously.

What are you going to do tomorrow? My academic performance was not very good and I am planning to take some practical courses, like computer courses, at technical institutes. So in the meantime, I shall also look for some suitable courses. Good qualifications are very important.

What do you think about the job market after 1997? Hong Kong workers will inevitably face greater competition from mainlanders after 1997. I believe the jobless rate will increase after Hong Kong returns to China. Therefore I really hope to find a job before the handover next year. What is your career goal? It is academic to talk about goals or careers if you are not able to get a job in the first place. I am trying to be realistic, not fanciful.