PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 April, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 19 April, 1996, 12:00am

Jazzhead Mickey Smith has snared the talents of Japanese DJ Nobakazu Takemura for his new acid-jazz rave, Licensed to Chill.

Takemura, renowned for his alternative dance grooves, will be joined by Smith and fellow mixers BFD Skates Posse. The show kicks off in Quo Quo at midnight tomorrow and continues until dawn.

Tonight: The Shadowboxers make a welcome return to the Fringe Club at 10pm. Cousins DM play Roy's restaurant in the new China Max nightly from 9pm.

Blues harp player Carey Bell nears the end of his brief residency at the Jazz Club, 9.30pm start. Jazz pianist Rick DellaRatta continues at Quo Qu. Catch him at about 8pm.

Hooray Howard and the Henries play rock classics at the Wanch from 10pm. Captain Mabullah at F Stop, Lan Kwai Fong from 9.30pm.

Khablar play acoustic folk at Delaney's in Kowloon from 8pm. Willy Tang and the boys in Blue Wail at the Jazz Club from 9.30pm.

Suzanne Wallace and her five-piece band play Tott's in the Excelsior Hotel from 9pm. Dave Colquhoun hits Mad Dogs Central with his acoustic blues at 9pm.

Tomorrow: Carey Bell's final show at the Jazz Club from 9.30pm. Ian and Friends provide acoustic grooves at Delaney's Hong Kong at 8pm.

The Rough Lovers at the Wanch from 10pm. The Eh-Team play acoustic rock at Carnegies from 9pm.

The Warehouse project features the hottest young rock talent performing at the old Aberdeen police station, 8.30pm start.

Sunday: The Allen Youngblood Group jams soulfully at the Jazz Club from 9.30pm. Easy Does It hit the stage at Mad Dogs Central about 9pm.

Monday: Rikky Aranas and Lily play cool jazz in Someplace Else, Sheraton Hotel, at about 8pm.

Tuesday: The Diggers play acoustic folk in Delaney's Hong Kong. Catch them at 8pm.

Wednesday: The Rough Lovers' acoustic goods at Delaney's Kowloon at 8pm.

Willy Tang joins Dan Lavelle for an acoustic blues session at the Fringe Club at 10pm. Jam night at the Wanch from 9pm.

Dave Colquhoun from 10pm at Mad Dogs Central.

Thursday: The Eugene Pao Band jam at the Jazz Club from 9.30pm.

Dave and Easy Does It hit Mad Dogs Kowloon at about 9pm.