Broken deal as repair bid sees car rented out

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 April, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 April, 1996, 12:00am


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A car left for repairs at a Shau Kei Wan garage was rented to another driver - and returned with a cracked bumper and a cigarette burn on the rear seat.

The car's owner, Laura Knight of Deep Water Bay, told police she delivered the 1992 grey Mazda 626 for repair of the fanbelt on April 3, hoping to get it back the same day so she could use it at Easter.

But it was not until the evening of April 9 that it was returned.

The fanbelt was not fixed, a map and some cassette tapes were missing, the front bumper was broken, there was a cigarette burn on the back seat and the tank was empty, she said.

A form in the car showed that the Mazda had been rented to an Adrian Turner, who was unknown to Ms Knight.

A partner in the garage company said: 'The car was damaged when we took it from Ms Knight on April 3. We have already repaired the fanbelt.' He said the Mazda was driven by a staff member for a test run of about 10 minutes with Mr Turner, who wanted to buy a car of the same model.

He said Ms Knight's belongings were returned later and that it was standard practice for such items to be taken out of cars while they were being repaired.

Mr Turner said last night he had been given a Mazda as a replacement car while a Honda he leased at $13,200 a month was being repaired.

He said he did not know it was someone else's car when he took his family on a day's outing.

He said the car was not damaged when he received it and that he had not damaged it.