PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 May, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 May, 1996, 12:00am

In the Agenda article by Tom Walker (Sunday Morning Post, May 5) and concerning 'A battle royal' there are a couple of crucial omissions and two small errors of fact.

The first error of fact is that the three detained yachts (Reverie, Morasum and Uin-na-Mara) were on an annual cruise (not a race) to Macau at Lunar New Year, repeating a popular and customary twice-yearly cruise (at Grand Prix time and Lunar New Year) started in the early sixties.

The second error of fact is contained in the sentence 'yet in his (Ross's) mind China is to be appeased at all costs'.

I do not advocate appeasement (which pre-supposes an offence already given to the new leaders of Hong Kong), but rather the removal of any unnecessary barrier to the kind of co-operation with the new Special Administrative Region Government, especially the Chinese Navy, which we have always had with the Royal Navy and the Services in general.

If the 'Royal' is retained, any such co-operation will certainly be withheld.

It is significant that the great majority, if not all, of our Chinese members support the dropping of 'Royal'.