Asian nations need nuclear-strong China

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 15 June, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 15 June, 1996, 12:00am

What indeed are the actual aims and objectives of Western organisations in general and Greenpeace in particular in relation to Chinese nuclear tests? Why are they virtually carrying out international thuggery to prevent China from pursuing a policy that has the undisputed support of its people? Why did so-called champions of the 'rule of law' including those in Hong Kong explicitly and/or otherwise support a foreign organisation which challenged the sovereignty of China, by threatening to enter its territorial waters even without its approval? It is relevant to note that in addition to the support of its own people, China's tests also have the support of the vast majority of Asians who want China to provide Asia with the badly needed nuclear deterrent against bullying by Western nuclear powers.

It is indeed the aspiration of the majority of Asian people that until and unless there is a universal agreement to destroy all existing nuclear weapons, China must not only continue its tests, but must accelerate the rate of testing in order that it reaches the same level of technology as the West, sooner rather than later.

If Greenpeace and other Western agents wanted to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests, they could easily persuade their own countries to agree to destroy all existing nuclear weapons. In the event of there being such an enforceable agreement, it is unlikely that China would continue doing any more tests, nor would the rest of Asia defend such future tests.

The chances of the West thus 'removing the beam in their own eyes before trying to remove the mote in Asian eyes' appear very slim. This is because what the West and its well-paid supporters in Greenpeace want is to prevent the economic success of Asia being repeated in the areas of nuclear technology and strategical power. It is therefore the wish of Asians, particularly those who do not suffer from pathological servitude to the West, that as many countries in the region as is possible, should resume their nuclear testing programmes as soon they can.

In this connection it is relevant to note that voters in India's last general election, gave the Government a de facto mandate to pursue the objective of testing and possessing nuclear weapons. Hopefully, many other people from countries in the Afro-Asian region, will give their govermnents a similar mandate.