'Ms 70pc' finds her fulfilment on water

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 July, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 July, 1996, 12:00am

Windsurfing turned Lee into a focused, tough athlete ready to face any difficult challenge in life, her younger sister Ivy said yesterday.

She remembered San San as a carefree young girl in primary school who was a bit 'unfocused and lazy'.

'We all used to call her 'Ms 70 per cent' because she could never concentrate and be completely committed to performing any task,' Ivy said.

'But when our uncle introduced her to the sport when she was in Form One, everything changed.

'The sport means you have to train all the time and spend long periods alone out at sea. You have to rely on yourself.

'Now she is like a tomboy - she's so tough and independent.' Uncle Lai Kam said he knew San San was made for the sport the first few times he took her out on the water.

'She would fall off a dozen times the first minute. But each time, she climbed back and tried again and again,' he said.

'Then I knew she had the determination and toughness for it.' Lee's mother, Lai Fung-choi, remembered it took her a while to adjust to San San's training regime, which meant her daughter would be frequently away from home.

'But she is doing so well and now I am used to it,' she said.

'I am so happy.' Yesterday, family members said they would wait for San San's return before deciding how to celebrate her victory.

But Cheung Chau villagers were already preparing for a huge banquet to welcome the return of the island's most famous daughter.