'Secret diplomacy' creates new tension

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 August, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 August, 1996, 12:00am

Taiwan's 'secret diplomacy' has forced cross-strait relations into a new stage of tension, a Beijing source close to the Taiwan Affairs Office has warned.

'A non-sovereign political entity should not engage itself in any high-profile foreign diplomacy. Taiwan's 'secret diplomacy' and blatant 'academic diplomacy' have gone beyond the mainland's tolerance,' the source said.

Chinese authorities have paid close attention to a series of Taiwanese diplomatic manoeuvres.

'We are aware that Lee Teng-hui in his speech on August 14 suggested that Taiwan's economic policy should divert its focus from mainland China,' the source said.

'He was actually asking Taiwanese businessmen to reduce investment in China in order to be less dependent on the mainland.' By doing so, the source added, Mr Lee had denied his own words, since it was he who suggested last year that Taiwan's economic development should in the long term rely on the mainland.

'He is defeating his own cross-strait policy. This will add arbitrariness and unpredictability to bilateral relations between mainland China and Taiwan.' Mr Lee had also let his partner Lien Chan travel the world conducting 'secret' or 'academic' diplomacy, the source said.

'Mr Lee even said unashamedly in a conference for Taiwan diplomatic officials that he wants to steer the direction of cross-strait relations.' In addition, Taiwan kept on purchasing new weapons, he said, adding that cross-strait relations had deteriorated since Mr Lee visited the United States in June last year.




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