Selection process will not be very meaningful

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 August, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 August, 1996, 12:00am

In your report on August 13, you said that I would 'consult' my constituents on whether to join the Selection Committee.

Your report is mistaken, so please allow me to correct it here.

I will not be joining the Selection Committee for two reasons.

Firstly, the committee is to select the first chief executive.

While this is a very important task for Hong Kong, the selection process will, however, not be very meaningful in reality because China already has its preferred candidate who will be 'selected'.

Secondly, the committee is also to 'elect' 60 members of the provisional legislature. The Selection Committee has no business to do so since the provisional body has an uncertain legal basis.

Furthermore, I am a serving and directly elected representative and I have no interest to sit on a 400-member appointed body to 'elect' myself back into the Legislative Council.

When I spoke about possibly consulting my constituents, it was in response to a suggestion given to me that I might put my views of the provisional legislature to my electorate to explain to them why I am against the body and that I would not serve on it. This suggestion was made because it was felt that the provisional legislature is a serous problem for Hong Kong, because it will replace the Legislative Council and that the people will in fact be disenfranchised.

After several days of discussion with my supporters, we decided that I should get a message to my constituents on why I will not serve on the provisional legislature and what I intend to do for Hong Kong in the future despite not serving on that body.

We are still in discussion about how to get that message to my electorate. It seems that direct mail to the 120,000 people on the electoral list will be too difficult, but we have not ruled out taking out public advertisements.

CHRISTINE LOH Legislative Councillor