I'm no manager - Sir Ti Liang

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 September, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 September, 1996, 12:00am

SIR Ti Liang Yang, who has stepped down as Chief Justice to stand for chief executive, has confessed he lacks management skills.

But he said this should not prevent him from becoming the first post-1997 leader, since there was a well-developed civil service in place.

Speaking in London, Sir Ti Liang shrugged off allegations he was incompetent at administration and lacked political wisdom.

'These comments and reports are very unfair,' said Sir Ti Liang, adding that administrative skills were not the most important element in running Hong Kong.

'I have been working in the law for decades, so my administrative experience is relatively shallow, but I don't think it is a problem.

'For the chief executive, administrative ability is not the most important quality,' he said.

He said the Judiciary had undergone major reforms in the past few years, though there were still some problems.

'But I should not be the only person responsible for that,' he said.

Sir Ti Liang maintained that everyone in the Judiciary was in high spirits under his leadership.

He said he would renounce his British passport, and even his knighthood if necessary.

'I will have to give up my British passport when I am formally nominated. It was not a big decision. I needed only five minutes to think about it.

'I have no idea about [giving up his knighthood] . . . I think there will be no conflict if I am not using it to do anything. I still have to clarify this.' He also dismissed speculation Beijing had suggested he would win the race, which prompted his resignation.

His sudden decision was not a result of mounting pressure from the legal sector and political parties.

'Just as I have said before, my decision is to protect the independence of the Judiciary. It has nothing to do with Beijing.' He reiterated his decision came from careful consideration after listening to friends.

'After all, Xu Simin has openly nominated me. I don't need to hide anything,' he said.