Station's top-class line-up

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 September, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 September, 1996, 12:00am

We refer to the letter from Tim Crouch headlined, 'TV programmers incompetent' (South China Morning Post, September 4).

Mr Crouch asserts that Hong Kong television programming is 'pitiful, and an absolutely sorry attempt to entertain', and goes on to declare that 'the most interesting thing to watch on TV these days is Freddy's daily weather report'.

As always, we are glad to hear from our viewers - particularly when they have constructive comments to offer.

We would like to point out that Pearl's line-up regularly includes some of the most successful and acclaimed series available internationally - such as ER (17 Emmy nominations), Frasier (11 nominations), NYPD Blue (11 nominations), Seinfeld (11 nominations), Gulliver's Travels (10 nominations), and The X-Files (eight nominations). In fact, TVB Pearl is committed to a continuing effort to provide the very best programming available.

Contrary to Mr Couch's assertion, we do plan the programme broadcast schedule to be as convenient as possible for the majority of Pearl viewers.

Regrettably, no schedule will be convenient for everyone. Comments and suggestions from viewers are very helpful to us as we review the schedule on a continuing basis.

Finally, circumstances do occasionally require unexpected changes to our published broadcast schedule. When this happens we immediately inform the print media - newspapers, TV magazines, etc. While weekly TV publications are obviously not as flexible in responding to short-term schedule changes, the schedule printed in the daily newspapers will normally be accurate.

WINNIE HO Corporate and Community Relations Manager External Affairs Division Television Broadcasts Limited