Dreadful acoustics at concert

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 February, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 February, 1993, 12:00am

SORRY Bryan Adams, you are such a fine singer, with some great songs, I just have to sell my tickets for your concert on February 10.

As a long-term expatriate in Hongkong, I have seen some wonderful concerts, usually in the Coliseum with superb lighting arrangements and stage settings.

Yes, the best have always been the local stars, and yes, it is always sad when one of the great stars from outside Hongkong, sings to a less than capacity audience in such a huge venue.

However, even if smaller venues are needed, how can promoters bring a great group like Chicago to Hongkong, and ask them to perform in a huge 7th floor exhibition hall, at the Convention Centre, with everyone sitting on the same level, on temporary seating, with the worst acoustics I have ever heard in any concert.

I wasn't the first to leave, but 20 minutes was certainly enough. A great group like Chicago should not have allowed themselves and their music to have been insulted in such a venue.

Bryan Adams, you are great, so in order to keep that image in my mind, I won't be seeing your performance in such a ridiculous venue.

Come on promoters, don't ruin the standard of great concerts in Hongkong.

R. WILLS Repulse Bay