Winner in his own write

PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 October, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 21 October, 1996, 12:00am

Form Five student Chan Wing-lun has just taken a big step towards his dream.

The 16-year-old, who wants to become a painter or calligrapher, is the winner of this year's Student Chinese Calligraphy Competition organised by the Chinese University's Art Society. He won the competition last week.

Encouraged by his mother, Wing-lun has been spending about two hours a week taking calligraphy lessons for the past five years.

He has set an example to his 11-year-old brother, Wing-hang, who has been studying the art for three years.

Besides calligraphy, Wing-lun likes painting and playing computer and ball games.

He goes to the NT Heung Yee Kuk District Secondary School in Yuen Long and lives with his parents and brother.

Twenty-four other young calligraphers won honours in the competition. What's on your mind? I'm very happy and surprised to learn that I've won the competition again. It's the second time I've taken part in the contest. I won the same championship title last year. The prize has boosted my confidence as I've failed to do well in several competitions lately. What are the benefits of practising the art of calligraphy? I've found myself becoming more patient after learning calligraphy because the practice means I have to sit quietly to finish a piece of work. The patience I've developed helps me make decisions more calmly. Does it teach you about Chinese culture? Every time I practise, I try to understand the piece of the poem or the tablet inscription I'm going to copy. This gives me a better understanding of the great works by famous writers. I've learned many new words and am getting more fluent in writing now. What do you want to achieve in the future? I want to be a calligrapher or painter. I admire the teacher who is instructing me in calligraphy. He's very good and knows how to help us master the skill. I think I could start giving lessons in community centres first, and I hope to have my own calligraphy exhibition later. But now I've got to prepare for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. Do you find young people nowadays are no longer interested in calligraphy? Yes, I think it's normal because students don't have many opportunities to develop that sort of interest.