Giants of the airwaves

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 October, 1996, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 October, 1996, 12:00am

It is a commonly known and accepted truth that great voices make for great radio, and RTHK's Radio 3 is a splendid example of that phenomenon.

Ralph Pixton's eternally calm and cool responses to some of the most aggravatingly selfish and petty complaints imaginable, that are aired on Open Line, is a joy to behold and a credit to his professionalism.

It would be a special pleasure to enjoy this remarkable voice quoting some of the great Bard's immortal soliloquies. Another of Radio 3's immortals and patron saint to late night drivers is Ray Cordeiro, whose gentle and eloquent style of presenting much of the world's greatest music is without comparison.

In recent months, we have listened to a plethora of new voices, and particularly one delectable voice hosting the PM show.

From the multi-talented Stuart Clarkson, and the superb selection of modern jazz compered by Charles Martin, there is a new breed of radio personalities that is enriching the colour and flavour of the 'light fantastic', and lending direction to this incomparable city. For this we are grateful to the head of Radio 3, the indefatigable Martin Clarke. To cap it all, the morning show, presented by Kit Cummings, Hugh Chiverton and their colleagues, continues to set the criteria for penetrating discernment, impartiality and uncompromising honesty, whether it be in the field of broadcasting, or in the everyday endeavours of men of courage, integrity and honour. JONATHAN GRAY Lamma Island