Outstanding charges against Egan dropped

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 February, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 February, 1993, 12:00am

BARRISTER Kevin Egan, acquitted this month on four counts in connection with disgraced government lawyer Warwick Reid's flight from Hongkong, appeared in the Eastern Court yesterday to hear three outstanding summonses against him dropped.

Solicitor Mr Mark Johnson told the court the Crown had decided to offer no evidence on the summonses alleging breaches of the Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance and was asking that Egan be acquitted ''once and for all''.

The three summonses, relating to matters in August 1990, concerned the alleged storage of a shotgun in an unauthorised place, alleged possession of more rounds of ammunition for the shotgun than was permitted, and the alleged parting with possession of the shotgun.

Asking for the summonses to be dropped, Mr Johnson pointed out that they concerned relatively minor offences, that a substantial period of time had elapsed and referred to ''the strains and stresses that Mr Egan has had to face''.

Egan had been granted an indefinite adjournment by the court in May 1991 on the three summonses issued in January 1991. Egan was alleged to have given his shotgun to police Inspector Peter Dawson in August 1990, and to have failed to comply with his gun licence by storing it in an unauthorised place. He was also alleged to have had 1,406 rounds of ammunition when he was licensed to have only 200.

Egan had then applied for the adjournment until after the High Court trial on the grounds the outcome of the summonses could prejudice his trial.

Magistrate Mr Michael Hill said: ''I have no hesitation in dismissing the charges.''