Anthony Wong Chau-sang

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 January, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 January, 1997, 12:00am

Anthony Wong Chau-sang - Underdog Rock (Rock) Actor-turned-rocker Anthony Wong Chau-sang is one of the most provocative artists in the local showbiz industry.

Unlike performers such as Michael Hui Koon-man or Liza Wang, who try to express their politics through participating in elections, Wong uses his street-slang music to unleash his accusations towards society.

In Underdog Rock, Wong's second solo album, he touches on sensitive social issues such as attitudes towards marriage, the handover, AIDS-phobia and juvenile delinquency.

The title track stands out the most; not only does it have the most vulgar lyrics, it also shows the best overall performance.

For No Reason, written by indie band Anodize, is another 'sensitive' track. Although the lyrics, written by Wyman Wong, do not accuse China's judicial system outright, listeners will easily be able to relate it to the trial of Wang Dan.

There is a 'new' version of The Lord's Prayer, which is witty and radical, and will no doubt offend both the Chinese and Westerners alike.

Unfortunately, in several tracks such as Let Thunder-God Gash All the Manic Bullies, The Scum and Where Do You Wanna Go Tonight, Wong's vocal performance fails to deliver the right feeling.

But then Wong has never hidden the fact that he is not a professional singer.