Pen-wielding wizards give writing class

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 January, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 January, 1997, 12:00am

I can't say I am particularly proud of my own handwriting - my English handwriting, that is. So my attention was caught immediately by samples of beautiful writing on view at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

They were displayed in an exhibition and demonstration in the art of Western calligraphy.

It has become a tradition the world over to send greetings cards for auspicious events and personal greetings.

Most words in greeting cards look graceful and elegant.

The demonstration was organised by the Alpha Beta Club, which is a non-profit organisation for people interested in the art.

The organisation's objective is to get interested people together to exchange ideas and information, to promote awareness of Western calligraphy and the correct use or control of different pens.

'Western calligraphy takes various kinds of pens to do fancy wordings,' said the demonstrator, who showed how fancy effects could be achieved with different kinds of pens.

Many people showed interest in exchanging ideas with the demonstrator. Some even suggested places to buy specially designed pens at a reasonable cost.

Learning Western calligraphy is quite meaningful since we can design our own greetings cards with our own creations.

I have a couple of Western friends who, I'm sure, would appreciate a Chinese New Year card designed by me. I hope I can make a decent-looking card on my first attempt! * * * In another corner of the foyer, at the time of the calligraphy demonstrations, was an art exhibition by the Hong Kong Buddhist College Alumni Association.

It featured both Chinese calligraphy and oil and watercolour paintings by former students of the college.

The chosen exhibitors are quite well known for their high degree of excellence in performing Chinese arts.

The exhibition showed why the alumni association has a reputation as an organisation that encourages Chinese arts.