Classmates' fainting trick broke my heart

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 February, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 February, 1997, 12:00am

I am the chairman of my class and each day my classroom is full of joy, noise and naughty boys.

Although my classmates are active and messy, I am the most handsome, honest and innocent student in my teachers' eyes.

One afternoon, I stood in my crowded classroom and looked at the paper planes flying freely around my classmates.

I had the highest status in my class, but I didn't want to use that against them. You know, I am such a gentleman! There was a girl reading a book. Her name was Marilyn. Her lovely sweet face and long hair had always attracted me.

Suddenly, her body shook and she fell on the floor. Oh, my goddess! I rushed to her as fast as I could. The girls surrounding her were surprised.

One of the girls said: 'John, there's something wrong with Marilyn. Can you help me put her on the chair? 'I think Marilyn is short of breath. I'll hold her and you do manual respiration for her, John,' the girl said. My face went red. 'You are the one who has received training in first aid,' she said with a wolfish smile.

'But I am a boy and she . . .,' I hesitated.

'Be quick! She will die soon,' she begged.

I looked around and understood that no one could help me. I became a knight and I must save my little woman from danger. I closed my eyes and drew myself to her slowly. I could smell the sweetness of her hair.

Flash! It was from a camera. Oh! It was a trick and it broke my little heart.

Marilyn's eyes opened and she smiled at me.

Our classmates laughed. My face blushed with embarrassment. Marilyn, I hate you.

'You are funny, John,' Marilyn said to me after school.

'Ha! You have already stolen my kiss in an idiotic way.' I could not forget the joke.

'Well, it may come true one day,' she said with a sweet voice.

How sweet of her to say such a thing! My heart was healed. Lai-kim is a pupil of Chuen Yuen College