Tutorials can come at a cost

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 February, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 February, 1997, 12:00am

Taking extra tuition outside school is very common among students in Hong Kong.

Many students take additional tuition in the run-up to the public examinations. Most agree that extra tuition is necessary.

But many students have an illusion that teachers at tutorial centres are better than teachers at school.

They believe that teachers at tutorial classes have more experience.

In fact, many teachers at school also have valuable experience.

Some people say that teaching at school is not good enough and most teachers do not focus on preparing students for examinations.

'In the tutorial centre, concepts are presented in a clearer way so that I can understand them easily,' said a friend of mine, who is a Form Seven student.

'Besides, the lessons always focus on the main points and stress analysis of the area of studies. Extra tuition really helps my studies,' he said.

Many students also believe that hearing the information twice can refresh their memory.

Attending tutorial centres shows that they are very concerned about their studies, but this is not a good trend for students to follow.

Students always spend too much time and money on tutorial classes. This may affect their learning at school as they may feel tired during normal classes.

Some rely too much on the tutorials and neglect their school lessons.

In fact, at tutorial centres, students can only acquire knowledge from textbooks, while at school they can learn more about life outside the classroom.

School provides not only training in examination techniques and sufficient information to meet the public examination requirements, but also comprehensive education, including moral education.

I once took extra tuition in chemistry because I wanted a better basic understanding of the subject. However, after attending a few lessons, I found that the class did not suit me as it only stressed examination techniques. Finally, I asked my chemistry teacher at school to help me solve my study problems.

The most important thing is that teachers at school have a deeper understanding of their students' needs.

They can help you find out the root of your problem and address it.

Tutorial centres can never do this.

Students believe that the public examination is most important, as its result greatly affects their future.

Thus, most students work hard and prepare themselves well for it in order to get a better result.

However, students cannot neglect the other aspects of school and should not depend too much on the tutorial centre. Polly is a pupil of Pope Paul VI College